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As-built floor plans and documentation for architects, engineers, and designers.  

iGuide offers a quick and accurate way to document a property.  Save time and reduce costs.

I have conducted numerous of I-guide Tours through out the years.  From small to over 100,000 square feet in various of settings, ranging from residential to large commercial spaces.  Scroll down to learn about the many benefits I-guide can offer.  Afterwards if you have any questions or would like to Book a tour you may do so through our online portal or call/text today at 973-392-4806.

iGUIDE takes the guesswork out of mapping and documenting built environments by quickly and easily creating visuals and dimensional information for planning, designing, and evaluating spaces.  iGuide provides reliable and accurate tools for capturing square footage information and generating defensible floor plan Architects, Engineers, Construction, and Real Estate professionals, to be able to focus on the task at hand.

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Floor Plans

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